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Gay Lifestyle


Our brand new Gay Lifestyle section caters for everything gay. This section of the website is currently under construction and more content will be added over the next few months....



Civil Partnerships

Planning a civil partnership, or need to find a wedding planner?

If you are looking for some help and advice on planning the big day, want to find a company that caters for LGBT partnerships then this section has it covered.


Outdoor Activities

Sports and Recreational activities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender people!

Information on local LGBT groups specialising in outdoor activities. If football is your thing, we also have the regions local LGBT football teams - if its queer its here.

lgbt hols

LGBT Holiday Guide

Find out the latest destinations popular with the LGBT community.

Whether your looking for a cruise, beach holiday, relaxing break, or somewhere where you can just party hard there are plenty of specialist companies that cater for you!