The UK has always been a great producer of famous movies. Starting from The Third Man which released in 1949, The Go-Between, Dead mans shoes, This is England, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Under the Skin to Dunkirk of last year, it has offered distinctive areas to world cinema. An overview of the movies released in the UK from 2015-2018 tells the tell a tale of British journey of world-class cinema.

An overview:

The movies like Spectre, Carol, Room, Brooklyn, 45 years all are of different genre and are unique in their own way.



Spectre and London road boast of top adventure movies. Though the genre is the same, both are different in their own terms. Spectre is a unique James Bond house movie with thrilling action sequences, and London Road deals with the story of a criminal who was found guilty in the murder of five prostitutes. All adventures dealt with different storylines and attractive action sequences.


Far from the madding crowd and 45 years deal with romance. Far from the madding crowd is the film adaptation of the novel MADDING CROWD by Thomas Hardy. It was a huge hit at the box office with $30.2 million collections. 45 years deal with the flashback story of a man who wishes to celebrate his 45th marriage anniversary with his wife. The body of his first love is discovered in the mountain glaciers which comes as shocking news to him. Little is left over now for the party to be arranged. There is a silence in their relationship, and there is a mixed collision of ideas.


The year 2016 saw movies like THE FANTASTIC BEASTS(family), LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP(comedy), THE GIRL WITH ALLL THE GIFTS(horror), DANIEL BLAKE( drama) which are of completely different genres. Out of these Fantastic Beasts, Sing Street, American Honey emerged as smashing hits.


The year 2017 also became one of the best years for the UK. GOD'S OWN COUNTRY, PADDINGTON 2, THE DEATH OF STALIN, THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER all of the different genres and amused audience equally.


2018 again has been an enthralling experience for audience till now. Already, TOMB RAIDER and CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD have already been a blockbuster at the box office.


How can you follow 2018 with so much quality. The year has had an amazing start and some classics are definitely being developed. While we spend our days enjoying the sun, Tim Burton, Ed Norton and the others are working their asses off. I have heard tales of finding Atlantis somewhere out of Portugals coast. Or maybe they are searching for fortune in the desert. Let's wait and see what they come up with, my hopes are high!

Overall, last 5 years have been fabulous for UK movie market and enthralling for the audience.

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