After love Directed by: Joachim Lafosse Written by: Fanny Burdino, Genre: family drama A couple decides to part ways after a successful marriage of 15 years. They have twin daughters out of their marriage whom they are benevolently attached with. They live together till the husband, Borris finds a house for himself. The story deals with what the couple undergo when they decide to separate, their emotional and financial struggle and division of responsibilities. The way the director deals with how money or economic status can cause parting differences between a relationship leaves you spellbound. The rest of the story forms how the couple dealt with all the serious complications that they went through.

American Honey Directed by: Andrea Arnold Written by: Andrea Arnold Genre: Adventure The story is about a roadside gang which sells door-to-door magazines. This is a road movie that runs around Star, a poor teenager who joins a group of travellers for whom life is full of parties, drinking, taking drugs, playing loud music and having sex to make extra money. Whether it is irresponsibility or indifference towards life that makes them do all there is something to be found in the film. How the gang achieved individual goals forms the rest of the story.

Captain America Directed by: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo Written by: Jack Kirby, Stephen Mc Feely Genre: superhero; adventure In this superhero story, whether or not Avengers should be nationalised is the whole idea of this heroic epic. The actions of the Avengers lead to the destructive mode and there comes the need for an apolitical system of accountability. A team is formed, and Captain America becomes the head. He firmly believes that Government interference should not be entertained for the Avengers to defend humanity. Ironman does not agree to this. With this, the whole team has to take a single side. It is intense and entertaining with its emotional character development and new superheroes.