2017 UK best films

Call me by your name Director: Luca Guadagnino Writer: James Ivory Genre: Romance Elio, the protagonist, lives in Italy along with his parents. He gets connected to one of his father's doctoral student, Oliver, working as an intern when he visits his professors home during summer vacation. The duo initially finds nothing in common and also has mild disparities. Eventually, they see each other mutually attractive and develop a sexual relationship to the extent that they neglect their own girlfriends. When Oliver's stay comes to a close, they part with great difficulty. The story comes to an end when Oliver telephones saying he has been engaged to a girl to get married.

The Florida Project Directed by: Sean Baker Written by: Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch Genre: Kids The story is about a toddler named Moonee and her young mother, Halley who live in the Magic Castle, Walt Disney World. Mooney is a lovely and fun seeking girl who spends her most of her summer with fellow friends, Dicky and Scooty all together engaging in a lot of mischiefs. On the other hand, her mother is busy looking for alternatives to survive life. The plot deals with her struggle to earn a living and her little daughter's ignorance of practicalities of life. How Mooney escaped polices eyes in a pending investigation and runs back to Disney world forms the rest of the story.

Elle Directed by: Paul Verhoeven Written by: David Birke Genre: Thriller The story is about a successful businesswoman who attains fame in Video gaming industry. She is raped by a man in a mask sometime back but decides to wipe off the dark effects of the incident by giving a new start to life. The story goes with many of her relations with fellow businessmen. She has a son who is not in a good relationship with her. He is in a relationship with a girl, Josie, who is again not so good related to her own mother, whom Josie finds is narcissistic with younger men. The plot is dealt with utmost care about human relations and the underlying struggle that is experienced to withstand it.